星期五, 十月 29

Golden Palm Tree International Dance Championship 2010 (GPTIDC).

Speech by Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development

Good evening. I am delighted to be here for the inaugural Golden Palm Tree International Dance Championship 2010 (GPTIDC). This championship is the brainchild of two dance enthusiasts working closely with Malaysia’s newest five-star beach front property and Kuala Lumpur’s nearest beach getaway – Sepang Gold Coast’s Golden Palm Tree Resort.

This international event will see dancers from different countries blazing the floor in competitive ballroom dances like

Salsa and Argentine Tango. It is also one of the very few international ballroom dance events in Malaysia. Competing for honours are participants from Asia, England, Italy, Russia and China.

May I welcome all participants to Malaysia, engaging in friendly competition to celebrate the birth of the Golden Palm Tree International Dance Championship 2010. The Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas & Spa, a brand new iconic tourism lifestyle and family destination in Selangor and Malaysia, is an ideal place to promote such a dance championship.

The Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas & Spa is actively promoting itself, both locally and internationally, as the ideal vacation spot in line with our Prime Minister’s 1Malaysia aspiration and core value of integrating various races and nationalities. I’m honoured to be part of this international dance championship, promoting dancing as a sport for family and community development.

The Golden Palm Tree Sea Villa & Spa, sprawling on the Sepang coastline of the Straits of Malacca, brings together two great nations - Malaysia and China. The two countries’ relationship has, over the years, developed into a modern 21st century bond of cultural ties and business. With its abundant natural beauty, rich local cultural diversity, family-friendly activities, the Golden Palm Tree Sea Villa & Spa offers holidaymakers the highest level of luxurious villa accommodation. Its unrivalled hospitality on the back of breathtaking views of natural and pristine mangrove forests and the Straits of Malacca make it a whole new experience for relaxation.

Lastly, we recognize the potential of ballroom dance to enhance family relationship, especially between husband and wife. This kind of exercise should be extended to the younger generation as a positive community activity.

I wish the organiser and Golden Palm Tree every success on their maiden International Dance Championship. To all present, welcome to natural luxury near the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the Golden Palm Tree Sea Villa & Spa.

Once again, my CONGRATULATIONS to the organiser Ms Aleena and Ms Rosalind, and Golden Palm Tree.

Thank you.

星期三, 十月 27

Elaun Bulanan Sementara 1AZAM

SHAH ALAM, 25 Oktober 2010 – Kerajaan Persekutuan memperuntukkan sebanyak RM66 juta di bawah Bidang Keberhasilan Utama Negara (NKRA) bagi Meningkatkan Taraf Hidup Isi Rumah Berpendapatan Rendah (LIH) bagi melaksanakan insiatif Elaun Bulanan Sementara 1AZAM untuk dimanfaatkan oleh 23,000 isi rumah miskin tegar. YB Senator Dato’ Sri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat telah melancarkan pelaksanaan inisiatif ini yang dijalankan secara serentak di seluruh negara kepada semua KIR miskin tegar yang berdaftar di dalam sistem eKasih mulai hari ini. Elaun Bulanan Sementara 1AZAM ini bersifat bantuan sementara yang akan diberi kepada KIR miskin tegar untuk tempoh selama tiga (3) bulan bermula Oktober hingga Disember 2010.

Mulai tahun 2011, dari bulan Januari hingga Disember, Elaun Bulanan Sementara 1AZAM ini akan diteruskan kepada peserta miskin tegar yang produktif dengan syarat mereka mesti menyertai salah satu daripada empat Program 1AZAM (Akhiri Zaman Miskin). Bagi KIR yang tidak produktif, mereka akan dirujuk kepada Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) untuk bantuan kebajikan yang bersesuaian, sementara Ahli Isi Rumah (AIR) kepada KIR yang tidak produktif akan ditawarkan salah satu daripada empat Program 1AZAM dan akan terus menerima Elaun Bulanan Sementara 1AZAM. Ini adalah bagi menggalakkan mereka untuk terus meningkatkan pendapatan dan taraf hidup mereka secara produktif.

Elaun Bulanan Sementara 1AZAM ini boleh mula dikutip oleh KIR yang layak di semua cawangan Pejabat Pos Malaysia di seluruh negara. KIR tersebut akan diberi surat pemberitahuan penerimaan Elaun Bulanan Sementara 1AZAM daripada KPWKM melalui Pos Malaysia dan perlu membawa surat tersebut serta kad pengenalan bagi tujuan kutipan di pejabat pos berhampiran.

Program 1AZAM merupakan program bagi membantu meningkatkan pendapatan KIR miskin tegar bagi membolehkan mereka keluar daripada kepompong kemiskinan. Empat komponen di bawah Program 1AZAM ialah AZAM Kerja, AZAM Niaga, AZAM Tani dan AZAM Khidmat. Kerajaan Persekutuan amat komited dalam usaha membasmi kemiskinan tegar di negara ini. Adalah diharapkan Elaun Bulanan Sementara 1AZAM ini akan menjadi pembakar semangat kepada golongan miskin tegar mempertingkatkan taraf hidup mereka agar tidak terus bergantung kepada bantuan Kerajaan untuk selamanya.

立即行动蓝图(1 AZAM)


中央政府在国家关键成效领域(NKRA)纲领下,决定提供6600万令吉拨款,以进一步改善低收入户的生活水平。配合“立即行动蓝图”(1 AZAM)消除赤贫目标,妇女、家庭与社会发展部正式推介为期三个月的短期每月津贴计划,估计将有2万3000名赤贫家庭成员受惠。

妇女、家庭与社会发展部部长拿督斯里莎丽扎今日主持了“立即行动计划 –短期每月津贴”推介仪式。

部门发表文告表示,这项补助是发给赤贫家庭的一家之长,预计为期三个月,即自10月开始至本年12月止。这项计划将落实到全国实施,而受惠对象名单则将来自“ 电子关爱计划”(Ekasih ),民众受促即日起上网登记.





The 6th Asia Pacific International Brands Summit Malaysia

14th Oct 2010, 2pm, Palace of Golden Horses

Since we became an independent nation, and form the country, Malaysians of all backgrounds shared one core belief, that we should work together to strengthen our nation and our collective future. It is for this reason that the Government, under the Prime Minister Dato Sri Najib’s leadership, initiated 3 national policies designed to steer us back to the path of prosperity. As you might have known, these are the New Economic Model, the Tenth Malaysia Plan and the Government Transformation Program.

Malaysia would not be what it is today without the industry, expertise and dedication of the Malaysian community, like all of you who participating here today. Likewise, there will be a bleak future for Malaysia without your support for our policies. We would clearly fall short of reaching the goals of Vision 2020 or to become the developed nation that our fathers and grandfathers strove so hard to achieve, if we do not have this vital support.

Indeed, there are structural issues in our economy that must be addressed. Some of these have become entrenched for so long that our ability to compete internationally is now at risk. There are also some shortcomings in our internal delivery systems. Much needed assistance is not reaching lower-income groups and the marginalised in our society who need help. At the same time, the constant complaint about the people not interpreting government’s policies and decisions in the right way is often heard.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Underpinning this notion of national unity and identity is the economic ‘pie’ which needs to continue growing but it must be shared in a way that is fair and just. While there must be a sense of equity or more accurately, fairness in how Malaysia divides its wealth, this must not be done in a way that inhibits the success of others or benefits one community over another. Therefore, the NEM and the 10th Malaysia Plan are blueprints by the Government for the people.

Ladies and gentlemen,
The Government alone cannot make all the necessary changes. The private sector plays a vital role in driving the innovation; creativity and investment that are needed to boost Malaysia’s global competitiveness and support our goal to become a high-income nation. The private sector transformation is urgently needed because the economy cannot expand without their committed and positive participation.

Businesses should not only look for short-term profit but must be prepared for a longer haul. For this, the private sector must dare to take risk and invest in new industries, new products and services. R&D expenditure and technology acquisition should be regarded as investment for long-term growth and profits. The private sector should also value human capital by paying the right level of wages and allocate resources to the talent.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Being entrepreneurial goes deeper than just having a job. Business owners need deep commitment and seriousness to arrive at their targets.

Most of them are also risk takers, but they assess risks well before plunging in. They adapt to changes and improve their skills through coaching, mentorship, books and experiences.
An entrepreneur should build his or her business around satisfying a need. If there isn’t a need to satisfy, then there is no need of being in business. One must able to recognize and explore opportunities around him. He also needs to have management skills to enhance the process of integrating and coordinating resources. An entrepreneur also requires having knowledge of marketing. It is important to understand the different behaviors of the consumers towards his product. Furthermore, an entrepreneur should be good at planning as well as implementing the plans through effective delegation.

Ladies and gentlemen,
By participating CEO Forum/seminar today, you may learn from others and further on build your networking and contact.
Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate those awarded as Asia pacific super excellent brand and Malaysia Power Brand. Your great effort and achievement has been recognized.

Thank you.

星期二, 十月 26

马华Tasek Dermawan支会成立11周年


Dermawan 支会成立11周年,以及Bercham华裔妇女协会成立5周年“王赛芝杯”卡拉OK歌唱比赛主持开幕仪式暨盘奖典礼。





各位,Dermawan 支会是硕果仅存的纯妇女成员支会,他们的表现,一点都不输给其他支会或区会,证明了她们优秀的组织能力与凝聚力。在这里,我要向她们表达我由衷地敬意!其实,在两性平等的今天,现代的妇女,无论是在才识学养,还是组织能力方面,早有证明一点都不输给男性,甚至还有过之而无不及,我们应该打破外在旧有的框架和局限,争取给女性更大的发挥空间,不仅仅是局限于担任配角的角色外,在内在思维上,我们也必须不断的学习与时并进,才不会被时代所淘汰。


最后,我以最愉快的心情,宣布为庆祝马华Tasek Dermawan 支会成立11周年,以及Bercham华裔妇女协会成立5周年,“王赛芝杯”卡拉OK歌唱比赛主持开幕仪式暨盘奖典礼。




星期六, 十月 23







各位,性教育并不是洪水猛兽,我们不应该带着异样的眼光看待它。举办性教育讲座的目的是协助孩童及青少年了解身体的自主权及身体的界限、对性的正面看法,并提供意见及 照顾他们的身心健康。


性教育是一件严肃的事情,是关系到青少年的身心成长,所以性教育不仅在学校里应该被关注,在家里也不容忽视。其实,家长也应该拥有正确的性知识,在家多注意孩子的举动,以便在适合的时机给予协助及辅导,绝不能坐视他们接受不良资讯 的误导,盲目摸索,越陷越深。


小学阶段正是求知欲旺盛的时期,特别是于现代的男生和女生,在e 时代的今日,大众传播、媒体飞速成长下,有关性的讯息也快速地传遍校园各个角落,身为师长、家长的我们,必须要在这个阶段给予适当的引导,以防在摸索中的青少年误入不应浏览的网站。